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Control Image Orientation (CIO) individuals are highly charged personalities, who are equally at ease in pursuing results and in working with people. Even though they can be quite assertive, still they consider interpersonal relationships to be very important. They are inclined, however, to persuade others toward their point of view, sometimes to the extent of appearing arrogant and too demanding. CIOs like difficult tasks, competitive situations, the autonomy of operation, and challenge toward which they can direct their energies.


Quick in thought and action, CIOs can be impatient with others who do not accomplish tasks as easily as they do. Even so, they are astute in identifying and manipulating other people's motives and directing their behavior toward the desired end. They can be very persuasive and charming in obtaining assistance for time-consuming and repetitive work. However, they sometimes cause others to have conflicting reactions in that they may be drawn to CIOs in some ways, but at the same time, distance from them. In their pursuit to reach the top, they have a tendency to snatch every opportunity on their way to important positions. They may need to be reminded that their ambitions drive and determination can create fear in others, who may find them too overbearing.






Potential Strengths and Weaknesses

Potential Strengths





Achieve quick results






Well organized


Potential Weaknesses


Decision Making

Could permit own ambitions to get in the way

Could tend to overlook others in decision making process

Could lack verbalization of rationale for decisions

Could allow own impatience to impede decisions

Could assume too many tasks, inhibiting more relaxed decisions-making



Could fail to adequately describe desired goals

Could resist participating in a team

Could overstep prerogatives

Could become too critical and quarrelsome under pressure


Control of People

Could over emphasize others roles and relationships

Fear of being too soft could alienate others

May lack sensitivity to others concerns

May be ambivalent in their treatment of others, causing conflicting sensations

May judge others by how much power they project

May be too intimidating to others in their effort to control the environment


Control of Time

May be too fast-paced toward goal achievement

Could be too impatient with slow results, make impulsive career changes