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Personalities with a Level Image Orientation (LIO) may try to be all things to all people. Their desire to make quick decisions may be counterbalanced by an equal attempt to work with and through other people. LIOs may also attempt to accomplish all of their work while also trying to ensure quality. Their behavior may alternate between periods of furious activity and periods of overwhelming frustration. Clarifying what others expect in the work situation may help to resolve the attempt to be all things to all people.


LIOs may experience some ambiguity about themselves, flowing either from the present environment or from past experiences. Reinforcement of productive behavior and clarification of expectations tend to resolve the dilemma.








Potential Strengths and Weaknesses



Potential Strengths





Potential Weaknesses

Decision Making

You May desire to make quick decisions, but be hampered by attempts to work through others.

Under pressure may become too frustrated to make decisions.

You May need help in establishing priorities.



They might do not understand what is required.

They might need clarification of what is expected in the work situation.


Control of People

They might try too hard to be all things to all people

They might need to emulate the behavior of others who respond well to pressure situations.

They might need reinforcement for productive behavior.

They might need to be made aware of their own behavior in a work situation.


Control of Time

They might try too hard to do everything and perform high-quality work at the same time.

They might become too frustrated to use work time well.