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Political Image Orientation personalities (PIO) make friends easily and quickly and establish good contacts. Due to their outgoing nature, they maintain a high degree of social poise, are anxious to make others happy, and seek their approval. They are also willing to use their own enthusiasm and talent to help others with their undertakings. PIOs seek the social environments in which they can develop and maintain good contacts. Through these wide contacts, they have access to appropriate people who have the capacity to aid them. PIOs can take creative ideas and put them to practical purposes. They are very persuasive to people around them, and easily elicit cooperation by explaining the rationale of proposed activities and making clear the steps necessary to accomplish desired results. They are most comfortable in a situation where there is an opportunity for close personal contact in a positive, harmonious climate. That positive approach is very helpful to an organization.


Because their optimism may cause them to change their approach to a situation, others sometimes view PIOs as inconsistent. They may need close supervision with an emphasis on facts or data to help them overcome the tendency to move too impulsively. They may need to learn to act after analyzing situations, rather than from enthusiastic spontaneity.






Potential Strengths and Weaknesse

Potential Strengths

Articulate Enthusiastic Helpful

Gregarious Persuasive  Considerate

Outgoing Optimistic  Socially poised


Potential Weaknesses

Decision Making

May jump to unwarranted conclusions.

May rely too heavily on harmony.

May become too impatient under pressure



May overuse position of authority.

Could improve emotional control

Could value own popularity too highly.


Control of People

Could display more sensitivity when showing disapproval.

May misjudge others, by emphasizing their verbal skills.

May appear inconsistent, because they overlook certain facts


Control of Time

Could lack a sense of urgency of certain matters.

Could talk too long on a subject, prolonging closing.

May need reminding to set time limit in accomplishing tasks.