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Individuals with a Reality Image Orientation (RIO) are systematic, precise thinkers and workers who tend to follow procedures in both personal and business life. Extremely conscientious, they are painstakingly in work requiring attention to detail and accuracy. Others often turn to RIOs with their problems. They are steady, dependable, and tend to wear well. They like established routines and a pace that can be maintained on a regular basis. They enjoy close relationships, like to please others, and can be relied on when help is needed. They are cautious about new ventures and situations, preferring the status quo to adapt to change. They are sensitive to their treatment by others, making them easily hurt. It is important that they feel that their efforts are appreciated, and they need a sense of belonging, both at work and at home.


RIOS supportive approach may help others to tolerate a situation, rather than engage in active problem-solving. They tend to adopt a low profile in preference to open confrontations with aggressive individuals. Even so, they have a fair degree of independence, although they may be concerned with how they fit into the group. Acceptance of sincere reinforcement for who they are can increase their self-confidence. They can be successful in selling or marketing an idea if they have a concrete product. They may have difficulty in starting new projects and in developing short-cut methods to meet deadlines.







REALITY IMAGE ORIENTATION Potential Strengths and Weaknesses

Potential Strengths

Precise  Conscientious

Steady  Dependable  Accommodating

Consistent    Empatheti  Service-oriented

Good listener   Amiable Willing


Potential Weaknesses

Decision Making

  May bog down in details of decision-making.

  Can make major decisions, but may take too long.

  May need to learn to take shortcuts to meet deadlines.

  Maybe overly cautious.



 May be too sensitive to criticism.

May confine communication to small groups.

Maybe too low-key to express themselves well.

May experience difficulty in making moves toward

being accepted.


Control of People

May be too concerned with how they fit into the group.

Maybe too afraid of conflict and dissension

Maybe too diffident in dealing with aggressive people.

May need to learn to say no at times.


Control of Time

May spend too much time on small details.

May need to learn to accept the unexpected and change, to save time.