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Individuals whose personalities are geared toward high self-image (SIO) tend to project an image of strong individualism and determination. They are forceful people who are not afraid to do things on their own. They constantly seek new challenges, are extremely self-reliant, and prefer to find their own solutions to problems. Even so, however, when they are forced to work in a group environment, they can be shrewd and manipulative, of both people and situations. In that case, if they see themselves as being impeded, they can become belligerent.


Because SIOs are always looking for new challenges and areas where they can apply their excellent problem-solving skills, their original insights and logical thinking often result in innovative and imaginative ideas and solutions. Their extreme self-confidence and eagerness for new responsibilities, however, often alienate them from groups, who view them as too egotistical and lacking in concern for others.







Potential Strengths and Weaknesses




Potential Strengths

Independent Seek new challenges

Inquisitive Seek responsibilities

Work best on own  Get results

Achieve GoalsInnovative problem-solving

ImaginativeResponsible for own actions


Potential Weaknesses

Decision Making

 Could rely too much on self.

Could become bored without challenge.

Need to be aware of the rules of a company.



 Too little tact.

Too little patience with others.

Too little empathy.

Too little interaction with others.

Too concerned with own power.


Control of People

 Too manipulative of people, in order to promote self.

Too insensitive to people's needs, except own.

Judges others by how they measure up to their own standards.

Ignores others, in order to find their own solutions to problems.


Control of Time

Could prefer new horizons too quickly.

Could become too restless without a new challenge.

 Could spend more time on interpersonal relationships.